How to Avoid Ruining Your Road Trip as a Couple

Road Trip Couple


To be honest, it is the same as every other piece of relationship advice you have ever been given – to be conscious about the opposite person’s feelings, every step of the way. That said, there are certainly ways in which you can tailor it to your own road trip.

Without further ado, here are our top tips for a couple’s road trip.

Before you go: Plan it together

And we mean all of it because, to be honest, planning a road trip is half the fun.

Decide on the route

In the era of Google Maps and SatNavs there is not any longer much have to spend all evening perusal paper maps, but that does not mean you should not do your research anyway.

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Set a budget

If you are going to form a road trip work as a pair, then you would like to be realistic about practicalities – the maximum amount as talking about money may not be very sexy, it is vital.

Find where you are going to remain

Have a decent consider where you are going to remain overnight during your journey – are you both okay with roughing it in shabby motels, or do I of you have got slightly classier tastes?

If you can, book a minimum of a number of your hotels in advance; in this manner, you both know what you’re accessing the tip of the day and it takes the strain out of getting to seek out somewhere along the way.

Enjoy the moment

Okay therefore the planning stages are done and therefore the moment of truth has arrived: it is time to bite the bullet and get on the road.

Split the driving

As we said before, lots of archaic is simply about being fair – and this counts for the driving too.

Although it isn’t always possible, if you’ll be able to share the duty then it’s worth doing; regardless of what proportion you like being the one behind the wheel, there is a lot to be said for just sitting within the passenger seat, watching the globe pass and enjoying the scenery.


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Now is not the time for grudges

On the topic of arguments, it is important to means that the primary rule of long couple car rides is this: leave your grudges behind you.

If there’s a difficulty that’s burning a hole in your mind, bring it up and clear the air before you set out. Irrespective of how unpleasant it’s at the time, you’ll thank yourself later.

Be flexible

Like most things in life, it’s likely that – even with all of the simplest planning within the world – something will go slightly off the beam during your journey. It may well be that you simply hit some unexpected traffic, stray down a maze of country lanes or maybe break down within the middle of nowhere.

Be fair about the breaks

We hope for your sake that the love of your life isn’t one amongst these people with the bladder of a baby ant, because there’s nothing more annoying than hearing that meek, whiny ‘Baaaaabe, i would like to wee’ voice every quarter-hour.

Agree on the playlists

Ahhhh, back to the music tastes, the reason for many a road trip argument.

While it is simple to smile politely and say: ‘You does one, hun,’ after you know they go to be being attentive to their terrible house tunes through headphones, when it’s blasting during a car, it is a whole different story.

Keep the driving force occupied (but not distracted)

Theoretically, you’ll both be sharing the driving. But whether or not you’ve done some time at the wheel and want a touch of rest, confirm you’re being fair to the motive force – which means not falling asleep immediately and not spending the complete time watching your phone instead of rebuking them.

Let others join you

No matter what quantity you love somebody, spending an excessive amount of time in their presence can easily drive you to the purpose of insanity.

But nobody said you had to try and do the whole thing with just the 2 of you, so why not invite friends, or another couple perhaps, to hitch you along the way?

Once you hit your destination

Treasure your alone time

It might seem counter-intuitive for a visit you are taking together with your partner, but once you get to your destination ensure you both take it slow for yourselves.

Focus on what went well

Even with all of this recommendation, it is a fact of life that there’ll probably be some quite the hiccup, minor annoyance, or sneaky side-eye during the course of your road trip.