My Dad Rocks Greendot Powder Blue Onesie

There are a number of gentlemen these days who are veering away from gender-bending outfits. Rather, they prefer to stay with the norm. Meaning to say, they would go for clothes that are approved by the general public.


However, as for those who want to be “IN” in fashion, you have to throw away your shyness and be open to cling on unconventional, peculiar and queer designs. It’s a well-known fact that a great number of men would choose something comfortable over something elegant and expensive.

And then, the age of onesies kicks in.

This is a kind of garment that’s deemed to be suited among women and adored by children.

However, no men have explored or even gave it a try. The only question left is, could men wear these onesies?

It Takes Getting Used to

As for men who are wearing onesies, they are sure to get more attention from the public. There are some who wear onesies who feel as if they’re naked. The only reason for this is that, they are so accustomed in wearing 2 pieces clothing and belt around their waist.

Then again, there are some who are fed of wearing the same clothing day in and day out. Thus, they seek for unusual choices and new options, in which they consider onesies.