Japanese “Separation Marriage” : Could it be Effective in Reducing Divorce Rates in Canada

separation marriage In Canada the number of older couples jointly filing for divorce has been on a steady rise, as previously revealed by the 2022 report published by Statistics Canada. Actually many mature Canadian couples are now seriously contemplating on practicing “separation marriage” or “weekend marriage,” a popular arrangement among many married Japanese people.

What Exactly is the Japanese Concept of Separation Marriage

Separation marriage or “sotsukon” in Japan, is a mutually agreed upon arrangement adopted by married Japanese couples who believe in creating “space” while staying legally married. They agree to do so in order to have an easier, more flexible lifestyle and better marital relationship.

Japanese sotsukon arrangements vary as some agree to couple up only during weekends while living in separate residences during the week. Others agree to live together in the same house but cook, clean and do house chores individually as if they are just housemates.

Some of those who live separately while still married, simply meet as if on a date so they can personally chat with each other. Not surprisingly at all and despite the separation arrangement, many weekend marriage couples in Japan offer help to each other in accomplishing house chores or in work related matters.

Canadian Psychologist Explains How Separation Marriage Could be Effective for Canadian Couples

According to a 2022 Statista report, as many as 2.78 million people in Canada had obtained a legal divorce. The figure had actually increased when compared to the 1.88 million Canadians who got divorced as stated in Statista’s 2020 statistical report.

Dr. Rebecca Cobb, a clinical psychologist at the Simon Fraser University in British Columbia in Canada, says the reasons marital relationships end are actually complicated matters that cannot be provided with simple explanations.

Although creating space in a marriage the way the Japanese people do can help renew feelings of excitement toward seeing each other, it still depends on what individuals do with their time during separation periods.

Many married Canadians continue to have fulfilling marital relationships throughout their lives. On the other hand, many of those with failed marriages had maintained high expectations, which at some point became irrelevant in meeting certain individual interests. At that point, couples decided either to save their marriage by entering a new phase together; or simply mutually decide to put an end to their relationship.

reconnecting as a couple during old ageYet according to Dr. Cobb, it can still be remedied by creating “space” by way of separation marriage the way the Japanese people agree to do. Aside from being cheaper than going through divorce proceedings, it’s a more convenient way of giving each other space in a marriage. Over time and once they approach old age, they can easily reconnect with their marital partner tand offer each other companionship.