My Husband Rocks Heart Gray Heather Fitted Tee


When it comes to t-shirts, crewnecks are quite the standard. However, see to it that it does not fit either too tight or loose around the neck. In the event that the collar is looking stretched out or you could see some of your shoulder, then that means that it is too loose.

On the other hand, when wearing v-neck tees, you must avoid those that have deep V’s.

Man cleavage is just a fail.

Yet, there are brands that have deep Vs so it is something you must watch out for. See to it that the bottom point of the tee’s V does not go beyond your armpit. So long as this is the case, you should be fine.

What about the Sleeves?

As for the sleeves, it must hug your arms lightly and hit the mid-biceps. The sleeves must not be too tight in which it makes your biceps look it is strangled.

The T-Shirt’s Length

When it comes to the length of the tee, it must end somewhere between mid or upper crotch. It is preferable to have it closer to mid-crotch instead of upper-crotch due to the reason that it will avoid showing skin on your stomach when you are reaching for things. At the same time, it lets you to tuck it lightly in front of your pants/belt and break up proportions if ever you wanted to.