Daisy White Fitted Tee

Floral fabric could be used in creating virtually everything. You may actually have throw pillows and curtains manufactured out of it, be it sofas, skirts, Halloween costumes and even skirts. However, before initiating a project, it is imperative that you find the appropriate fabric for your specific requirements.

Vital Aspects not to be Disregarded

Factors that are related to the kind of material will include:

  • Sheen
  • Weight
  • Texture
  • Coloring and print of fabric

Of course, there are also other essential factors that have to be taken into consideration.

To give you an example, there are floral fabric that is not ideal for curtains as they’re too heavy. Then again, some might permit too much light to penetrate or might fade easily with too much sunlight exposure.

Ponder This

If you will be using floral fabric to make shirts however, then lighter fabric is going to be the more desirable option than heavy materials.

Thing is, if the material would be washed often, same with shirts and other clothing, the material needs to be fade resistant and at the same time, suitable for machine wash.

A simple reminder, you have to review carefully the available options when using floral fabric for your shirts.