Most men think that it is difficult to understand women more so when it comes to the things that they like. They just quickly jump to conclusion that what women want is something expensive and fancy. But what underneath the surface, what women truly want are only the simple things in life.

Let me cite a couple of examples that can give you a head start.

Leave Notes in Places She Least Expects

As her man, you want her to feel and know that you’re thinking of her day in and day out.

You’ll be her ultimate knight in shining armor by doing this.

Women do love surprises regardless of how extravagant or simple it is.

After she finds the note that you left tucked into her pocket, or anywhere else, she’ll definitely brag it to her friends.

Compliment Her

Did she smell great or she looks beautiful? Make sure that you let her. Never assume that she knows how she smells or looks. Everyone needs and wants to hear it from others. She wants to smell and look nice for you. By letting her know about it, it is a sure sign that you appreciate the efforts she makes.