Womens My Marriage Still Rocks Charcoal Tee

There are a lot of men who do not realize the true power of buying shirts with the right fit. You can’t blame them after all. Men oftentimes prefer something that is functional. Besides, shirts are usually worn under the suit. Thus, there’s not much tailoring or consideration goes into this.

Something You don’t Know

But what you don’t know is that, a simple tee design can accentuate your style and appeal.

This is why it is extremely important to know how to properly buy a t-shirt.

Above everything else, you need to know about your body type and measurements. Men’s bodies have different sizes and shapes. Do not be surprised if standard sizes do not fit you. Having said that, it is nice to walk in a store and get a general sense of your measurements and body type.

Shirts have them too!

We are all aware that pants have pleats or the extra folds of fabric. But what you do not notice is the fact that dress shirts have them too. They are typically positioned at the back of the t-shirt and is designed to give the person wearing it extra space. Thing is, this excess fabric might billow out your upper back in the event that you’ve moved the wrong way.