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If you think that your marriage is dwindling down or perhaps, believe that you have the perfect relationship, then why not salvage it or improve it by following advice or tips for a healthy marriage. For those who’ve been married for quite some time, you know that having a happy, successful as well as lasting marriage is to build and maintain healthy communication.

Signs You Have Quality Marriage

Well to be honest, there’s no shortcut in achieving this.

It’s a work in progress.

Despite the fact that marriage is different, any healthy marriage has common denominator and they include:

Honesty – this means that either you or your partner is keeping secrets from each other.

Trust – honest is the foundation of trust and this is something that’s earned.

Respect – in healthy marriage, your significant other should show respect in any aspect of the issue you are talking about. This is shown by how you are responding, your attitude, your tone as well as your ability to hold the opinion of your spouse higher than the rest.

Quality and intimate sex – well you are not kids anymore. Quality and intimate sex isn’t entirely about the quantity. So long as both of you are happy to how often it’s done, then what you should focus more is quality.