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    Emotional Intelligence : The Key to ideal Love and Long Lasting Relationships

    Emotional intelligence, often tagged as EQ, is a very significant aspect of romantic relationships because it can help improve other facets of partnerships. Improvements relate to increased intimacy, stronger connection that all work toward having a longer lasting relationship.

    What Makes EQ a Significant Component of Romantic Relationships?

    Emotional intelligence is actually the secret shared by many couples who have maintained successful relationships. As partners with high levels of EQ, they have increased awareness of changes when they take place, which whether big or small, can influence how two people see themselves and each other. Building individual EQ also builds the sensitivity that both individuals feel for each other as required in relationships.

    Through active empathy and awareness, it’s easier for individuals to sense the subtle changes in their relationship, in order to recognize any issue that needs addressing.

    Achieving Ideal Love Through Emotional Intelligence

    Every partnership has the potential to achieve ideal love, when there is mutual kindness, real commitment and deeply-felt intimacy, by harnessing our ability to share emotional connection. The following are the set of skills that can be developed by persons with high levels of EQ:

    • Acceptance in experiencing emotions that pose as harm to a relationship if not addressed.
    • Active awareness to behaviors that work and which doesn’t.
    • Having emotional awareness that help distinguish feelings to avoid mistaking lust or infatuation for genuine love.

    Falling in love does not necessarily require someone to have an EQ already at its peak but it helps if a person is motivated to enhance or improve their EQ while in a romantic relationship. When childish and immature behaviors are cast aside to develop emotional maturity and intelligence, to match a partner with high EQ, the romance will likely blossom and grow as the relationship progresses through the years.