My Dad Rocks Green Navy Onesie

Like it or hate it, adult onesies are now a thing and it’s a trend that seems to peak by the day. Obviously, not everyone is comfortable of rocking a onesie but in the event that you have to wear one, you should wear it like a boss.

Basically, celebrities worldwide are wearing onesies from the names like Brad Pitt, then One Direction and many more.

If you would notice, they don’t look ridiculous but hot and sexy.

In need of tried and tested tips of wearing onesies, here are few options that you can try.

Wear Onesies that have that “WOW” Factor

Ditch the old and boring leopard, tiger or cheetah prints. Go for something that shows your personality and look hilarious at the same time. Perhaps, a cartoon character, dinosaur, superhero and the likes would work like magic.

Get the Right Sizing

A thing that you have to know about onesies is that, they’re not the most flattering item you can wear in fashion. It is ideal if you are going to opt for a size that is larger than you normally wear. In case that it is a size smaller, then you may have to cling on your bumps and lumps.