About Us

Are you the type of person who is timid and likes to be private? If so, then you know the agony and pain of attending a get-together, networking event or a party. No doubt, you prefer staying at home, lie down, read your favorite book and remain introspective.

News flash, these events are inevitable and you have to show yourself up.

Thus, it helps a lot in knowing how you can socialize if you are an introverted person or perhaps, simply likes the thought of it.

Practice and Repeat

As for introverts however, it can be very tempting to take down all invitations. Of course, you can do this. But this is not healthy particularly if you are submitting to stress and anxiety. It is vital that you step out of your comfort zone until the time comes that you are able to mitigate your nervousness. Meet up with people even if you’re not comfortable and accept the next invitation. Repeat the process.


The Ice Breakers!

By the time you get into the event, consider practicing conversation starters. There are too many ways on how you can break the ice actually. Before getting into the party, prepare convo starters. Think of topical news, your hobbies or anything that you could converse with the other person.