Whether you believe it or not, men love receiving the same thing that women want. Men are humans too. They have thoughts, feelings as well as emotions. While men are putting on a tough act to have that masculine look, the moment you start cracking their shield, it is fairly easy to see exactly what they want.

Men also want to be Appreciated and be Loved

Everyone simply needs to be loved.

This is a basic human need. No one could thrive without this.

You may have heard of experimental psychology among baby monkeys who were not able to have or see their mother. They are craving log and hug their handlers, their blankets or sometimes each other. The same goes with men, they may be showing tough and strong, but deep inside, feeling appreciated and loved is all they need.

Men are working hard in order to provide the best for their families and for themselves. They do not need a lot but, they don’t want acknowledgement to their efforts. If you have a man, then make sure that you tell him you appreciate everything he is doing for you. No matter how big or small it is, let him know about it.