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    Safe Online Dating Sites : What Makes Them Truly Safe?

    Online dating sites usually attract people looking for a long-term relationship, but there are dating sites meant for those who seek only casual connections. Currently, there are about 1,400 dating sites online and mobile apps that enable people to tie-in with each other, whether for permanent or temporary relationships. However, the online dating environment is not free from unscrupulous people who join dating sites to take advantage of unsuspecting date seekers. There are risks and dangers posed by online dating sites that many have been making searches for a safe online dating site.

    While there may be matchmaking platforms that distinguish themselves by using digital technology similar to the know-your customer (KYC) method used by the financial sector, these dating sites are apparently  not  visible to those in search of safe online dating sites and apps. Developers of safe online dating app that verifies the authenticity of a user’s identity and social behavior should improve their online presence and search engine results page ranking.

    Now here’s the thing, Tinder, the long-time leading online dating site, announced last August 2021 that the platform will start using ID verification tools by the year’s end. The announcement makes it even more important for KYC-enhanced dating platforms to improve their visibility The aforementioned announcement all the more cemented Tinder’s lead, for being touted as the first to make online dating a safer activity for Internet users.

    A Closer Look at the Online Dating Industry

    The market size for online dating services is huge since in the US alone and as of 2021, 30.4 million Americans use online dating sites and mobile apps. Software and app developers in this market continue to rollout dating platforms. Mainly because the total number of both premium and freemium users in the US, is expected to rise to 35.4 million by the year 2027.

    Generally, dating platforms enable date seekers to chat, flirt, court and pursue connections that could lead to a romantic relationship and hopefully, marriage. Common features of online dating sites include search filters that allow users to look for potential dates based on specific physical traits, age, fields of interests, education level, profession or occupation and location.

    The online dating site Bumble for one, made a difference by supporting feminist views and behaviors, such as enabling women date seekers to initiate the connection actions; as opposed to relying on the results generated by matchmaking algorithms.

    Some matchmaking sites make a distinction by offering their platform to specific groups of people, e.g. LGBTQ, senior citizens, millennials, Christians, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos and other similar categorizations. Statistically, millennials ranging from ages 18 to 29, represent the largest category of users at 38%; of which 32% are adult females and 23% are adult males.

    A Pew Center survey shows that 37% of respondents coming from the LGBT sector indicated that gay adults, are currently using online dating sites when looking for a potential date. Fifty-five percent of those who responded to the survey said they used an online dating site at least once.

    Anyway, if you are already running or planning to launch a safe online dating site enhanced with identity verification protocols, it would be best to magnify your online presence by using digital marketing and SEO strategies. Tinder may be a tough competition to beat but with the help of expert digital marketers, you can increase your chances of becoming the next best and safest online dating site.

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