Instances and phases of socialization

Socialization is the process as well as the result of people growing into their social environment and their values, norms, and customs with the simultaneous development and maintenance of individuality of the individual in the sense of the independent, creative, and self-fulfilling development of the individual in society. Socialization is a lifelong process.

Components of socialization

  1. The totality of all external influences that affect a growing person, thus also the education by parents, teachers. It is also the influences of other people and groups as well as the general living conditions in a certain culture, a certain people, a certain time, a certain social class and a very specific family.
  2. The inner processing of these influences by the adolescent and thus the development of a general psychological structure.
  3. The feelings and behavior of the individual developed under these circumstances, which in the positive case are socially desirable, but in the negative case can also be socially unacceptable or self-damaging.

The term “upbringing” is not identical with “socialization”, but a sub-area of ​​“socialization”.

So socialization is a very important factor, a very important network of causes, which also decides what kind of person a certain individual is or becomes.

In addition, of course, play in the development of a person
  • general human nature and
  • the specific nature, the specific genes of the individual
There are three phases of socialization:
  • Primary phase,
  • Secondary phase,
  • Tertiary phase.

Socialization instances

Socialization instances are social groups or groupings that

  • take a mediating position between the individual and society,
  • convey social values, norms and behavior patterns to the individual,
  • central areas of human activity are
  • Function according to their own rules and demand specific adaptations from the individual.

Family as an instance of socialization

Family is the most common form of a social group and the only group in which at least two generations must be represented by parent and underage child. The special kind of relationship makes the family a special socialization entity. Families represent a special system of relationships.

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