There are plenty of ways that can be done in engaging network contacts. If you don’t believe me, read out few tips discussed in the next lines.

Tip number 1. Give Compliments

Say that some of your colleague has changed profession or has been promoted, consider sending a congratulatory letter and ask about the new task assigned to them.

Take this opportunity as well to catch up on other important matters and give updates of your own as well.

Tip number 2. Professional Leads

As you hear something, let the right people within your network to know about it. Think beyond referrals and jobs to everything from board positions, committees, writing assignments, speaking opportunities and everything in between.

Tip number 3. Send Mails

These days, everything is digital and electronic. There is one thing though that would not change and still, stand out. If you want an effective way of getting attention, then mail out a hand written note.

Tip number 4. Get their Opinion

There’s a reason why you keep people in your contact list. Use this to your advantage by getting inputs of their experience and knowledge. Inquire matters throughout the exchange and express your gratitude for helping you out.