My Husband Rocks Chocolate Fitted Tee

One of the sexiest combinations that men could wear is plain white tee and rugged jeans. However, let us not forget the fact that sexy is still in the eyes of the beholder. That being said, there’s a quick list of clothing perfect for men that would bump up their appeal and charisma.

High-Quality Jeans

The best and top-rated jeans are those that you can wear effortlessly, distressed a bit and fitted enough to showcase the shape of your body without having to step on the line of being uncomfortable.

Fit T-Shirts

When it comes to plain white t-shirts, it has to look fit but should not be tightly dressed.

It does not really have to be totally white.

But there is so much for black, gray and even sky-blue tees. Regardless, the main thing that should be taken into consideration here would be the fitting of the tee to your physique. As long as you feel comfortable and look sexy, that would be great.

Wearing Watches

It is very likely that you have practical use for watches with your phone which serve as your go-to timepiece wherever you are. Here’s something you should remember, sexy is not just about functionality. It is more of a form. Wearing statement watch boosts your charm without having to say a word.